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Meadow Magazine

Meadow magazine is a wedding magazine about outdoor weddings. Every issue is focused on a different type of outdoor wedding (backyard, mountain, forest & etc.) and season. Project was created using content from other sources.

Nelson, NZ Travel Guide

This Nelson, NZ travel guide was created for the 2020 travel season. The content includes lists of the best hotels, restaurants and activities with a range of prices. The guide also includes information about the Nelson-Tasman city and the Nelson-Tasman National Park. Project was created using content from other sources. 

Type Book

In this typography project you could only use assets made from the letters of your chosen font and only three colors.

Look Book

In this project you had to chose an existing clothing company and create a promotional mailed out look book. The content was designers choice with some requirements and design style had to match the companies branding. 


Steely Dan Vinyl

In this project I redesigned the album for Steely Dan's vinyl "Aja". The design was inspired by the art movement Constructivism started in 1915. 


This Cheesecake factory menu is inspired by the art movement Bauhaus. Menu items have been slimmed down for the purpose of the project. 


This timeline includes information about the Rugby World Cup since the event was started. Some of the information includes is: champions, host, game score, year, and number of nations playing.

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